Activities on Day 1

Please sign in at the check-in located in the commons at 11 a.m.

Campus Tour

Since Bothell High School has grown and changed over the years we are offering a school tour run by current students of Bothell’s ASB. Take a tour of our beautiful campus that completed renovation in 2008. The first building is for Foreign Language studies and Special Ed-CLC classes. At Bothell, we offer training in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and American Sign Language. The second building is for technology education. The main building provides classrooms for English, Social Studies, Visual Arts, Business and Marketing, and Family/Consumer Science. This building also holds Bothell High’s main offices, counseling and attendance offices, student store, and the library. The library is a quiet place with many books for students to study and computers for research. Next there is the Science/ Mathematics building where students can take a number of interesting classes. Then there is the Commons which is connected by a long hallway to the music and drama rooms, the locker rooms, the aerobics rooms, and the gymnasium. Bothell High also has a wonderful performing arts center where people can enjoy the plays put on by the drama students. To see a map of Bothell High’s campus, please click on the link below.


Photo recognition

After the tour we will all meet in the gym for a short speech from the current principal. Then there will be a slide show of yearbook and newspaper photos and articles of your times as a student at Bothell High. See if you can recognize your classmates today as the teenager you knew! We are taking photo donations for the power point so please submit any photos you wanthere There will be a light lunch served in the commons.
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Quizzes and Voting!

Just for fun, have your spouse participate in the spouse quiz! See how much he or she really knows about your high school. During the light lunch, we ask you to please submit votes for one of your classmates to win in each of the following fun categories: traveled furthest to get to the reunion, most famous, man with the least hair, man with the most hair, most accomplished in their high school dreams, married the longest, most kids (including grandkids), and etc.


We will be raffling off school spirit items in the gym starting at 3pm. Preview some of the items here.

The Arcade

The arcade is a place to remember all the fond, and not so fond, times you had in the classrooms of your favorite, or not-so-favorite Bothell High School teachers. We have games like the Teacher Dartboards, Teacher Jeopardy, and the classic Dunk Tank! You will be able to win tickets which you can exchange for a better grade in your new report card! Finally pass that evil physics class!

The Who in Concert and the Welcome Back Picnic

For the first evening’s entertainment on the first day to welcome you all back, we have The Who, live, in concert out on the football field! Along with the great music of the sixties we are having a picnic including but not limited to foods such as: potato and pasta salad, sub sandwiches, desserts, chips, watermelon, and other fruits. Adults only please.
Tickets for the concert are at a reasonable $30 a person and for the picnic its $8 more.
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After the concert, fireworks will be displayed over the football field to celebrate the independence of our country. Fireworks will start at 9 pm. No payment necessary for admittance.

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