This is an 8th grade class in which students explore computers, multimedia, networking, and digital cameras. Students will learn how to create art on the computer using Photoshop, create a 2D animation using Flash, and edit to music using iMovie.

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Alien Face

Eyes and Teeth

Hair and Background

Save to the server

Save to the drop box

Use the Digital Camera





Fun Filter Face Project

Value Project

Montage Project

Digital Camera Photography 2

Portfolio Assignments (15 pgs.)

Portfolio Check points and Word

Bush-Gore example

Flash Projects

iMovie Projects

How to turn files in?

Digital Camera Photography

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Patterns 10-03

Montage 10-03

Value 9-03

Flash 3-03



    switching images

Keybording Links

How do you make a line graph?

How do you make a bar graph?

How do you make a circle graph?

Powerpoint Project

Understanding the Myers Briggs Test




How to turn files in?

1. Make sure your file is saved onto the Hard Drive, in a folder with your name on it. Not the server.

2. Log onto the "Drop Boxes" server as a guest. (The link is under the "SJH file Server" on your desktop.)

3. Click and drag from your folder on the HD to your class on the server. (multimedia?)

4. How can you double check to make sure your file got into the correct file? You can't open any folders on the drop boxes server... so you have to just drag and drop the same file again... if it asks you

"The item could not be written because an item with that name already exsists. Do you want to continue?"

click "stop" and you know that your file is saved.


Problems saving?

If it is not allowing you to click and drag you might not be "loged in" to the locking software foolproof. Go to the finder and "log in" as computer lab and password.



How to make the Color wheel

1. 640 x 480 / 72 dpi / RGB

2. Brush. Click on the box not the arrow.

a. Diameter (50px)
b. Hard (100%)
c. Spacing

3. New layer

4. Start with Yellow at top. Then choose Red blue (you might have to change it to cyan)

5. Opacity 100% for these first 3 then 50% when mixing colors.

6. Hot key for brush = (B), eyedropper = (I)

7. Mix secondary & tertiary

Pattern Steps

1. After your brainstorm is signed off, and your color wheel is made…

2. Make many layers. Name the one right above the color wheel “White” and dump white paintintoit.

3. Click on the “Black Eye” to turn this layer on and off. You will just be using the color wheel layer to get creative colors; you will not actually see the color wheel when we turn it in.

4. Name the layers Circle, Square, Triangle, Plus and Spiral by using the “Option” key and clicking on the name of the layer.

5. Draw a quality shape with the marquee tool. Use the “cmd. T” to transform it. Skew it by holding down the “Cmd.” and clicking on the box at the corner.

6. Spend 2 days doing the 5 symbols. Make sure to back up to the server everyday.