Career Skills

Welcome to Mr. Seeley's Career Skills page.

This is a 7th grade class where students explore skills they will need in careers, research current careers and find out about their own personality and how it relates to careers. (Click here for more information)

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1. How to contact Mr. Seeley.

2. What will students be graded on.

3. How to get extra copies of handouts.

a. What is the group project?

b. Parent Information... Do you have to drive to Seattle?

c. Tasks you and your group need to complete.

4. How to use the Server and save your work.

5. List of projects for Learning about your Personality.

6. The Kachina.

7. Take the Myers Briggs Test.

8. How to understand your Myers Briggs Score.

9. How to use WOIS (explanation).

10. WOIS (the actual site).

11. Million Dollar Pathway webquest (for MU masters).

d. What to do in the first few days?

e. Where does your group save you work.

f. What if I have nothing to do in my group?

g. How does your group print your work and can you print in color?

h. How can I get my group photo into my powerpoint.

i. What are some ways you can modivate a group member?

j. What are some examples of what other groups of students have done with this project.

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• Student Work • Assignments

Q: What does art on the computer have to do with Career Skills?

A: The Kachina project involves: computer work, introduction to the network and servers, following directions, learning how to be creative and a bit about how we all have unique personalities and what is not the right career for a friend may be the right career for you.

Below is some of the student’s computer artwork. Click on the correct date and period to view their class’s work. Click on the small image of the kachina see a larger version of their work.

The links are listed with the most recent class at the top.

Kachina 5-04 per 5 and 7(spring)

Kachina 3-04 per 5 and 7

Kachina 12-03 per 5
Kachina 12-03 per 7

(big display test)


Kachina 10-03 per 5

Kachina 10-03 per 7



Below are some of the major assignments. They are .html pages so they will always work but some of the spacing might be off. A better way to view the assignments is a .pdf file, but it doesn't always work on every computer. (Sometimes you need a plug in.) To go to the .pdf assignment page click here.

Student Interview

Parent Interview


8 Personality Types

Bunny Sheet

Intro. to the Careers Project

Parent info. Sheet

Group Project

Group Task Sheet

Daily Log

Self Evaluation


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Best of Kachinas

Best of Group Portfolios

Best of Power Points


The 4 Temperments

Are you a Guardin?... (scroll down 2 screens to #3)

old Learn about your personality

16 personality types (old)

job list (old)

• Extra Hand-outs • Extra Credit

Parent interview sheet

Parent info. sheet

Group Interview Sheet

Group Power Point Sheet

Group Portfolio Sheet

Group Presentation Sheet

Task #6

Task #7


Have your parent take the Myers Briggs Test

Personality Types Research

Job Shadow







Old links

other links for myers briggs

State of Maine

Department of Labor

Plan for College

16 Personality Types

What are Temperments

What jobs might you be good at?