Instructions for downloading your Visual Studio software (and more…)

Step 1: Register/Sign in at the MSDN ELMS system.

o   Go to the sign-in page at our online (Microsoft Imagine) store. ← (That’s a link – click on it )

o   You can’t sign in yet; you need to complete registration for your account. Click on the Register button…

…and follow the on-screen directions to get everything set up. You do have an account, and your Username is your student ID number on its own (as used to log into the computers in class).

Step 2: Download Visual Studio 2015

Note: The general procedure for downloading is the same for any product you decide to download

Step 2a: Get the download into useable form

The file you download is an ISO disk image. You can choose to create a DVD from it, or you can access/extract the files from the ISO directly.

o   Windows 8 and beyond: just double-click on the ISO, and it will “mount” and open as if it were a drive attached to your computer. (You’ll see it listed with your other drives in Windows Explorer). If double-clicking doesn’t work for some reason, right-click and choose “mount”.

o   Windows 7: Install 7-Zip, (it’s simple, reliable, and free). Right-click on the disc image (.iso) file, select “7-Zip/Extract Files…” and extract the full contents of the disc to any folder/location you choose.

o   If you have a dual-layer DVD burner on your computer, I recommend that you burn a DVD from the image. (This image is too big for older / single-layer DVDs, so if that’s your situation, take one of the non-DVD approaches above). Burning a DVD gives you an install disk that you can use again later if you get a new computer or have to reformat your current computer.

o   Right-click on the ISO file, and choose “burn…” If that option isn’t available, you no doubt have alternate burning software installed on your computer. Open that software, choose the option labeled “burn image” or something similar, and follow their instructions.

Step 3: Install Visual Studio

Note: this installation is known to sometimes take a long time. Be prepared to have it run overnight.

o   On the left side, click on Text Editor to expand it, and then click C# and then Tabs.

§  Indenting: Smart

§  Tab size: 4; Indent size: 4; keep tabs

Getting other software / accessing earlier orders:

o   While logged in to the store, click on “Your Account/Orders” near the top of the window.

o   Click on the applicable item, and you’ll be back to what you saw when you first went through checkout. Note that there’s a download link and (if needed) a product key.

o   I strongly recommend that you save archives of your downloads, and record all product keys, before your 24 month window runs out.